The announcement that the 15-year-olds inside all of us have been waiting for; Sora joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the roster’s final addition!

Sora Opens the Door

Sora has been a fan-requested, and highly speculated character for a Smash Bros. crossover since we started seeing third-party crossovers all the way back in Brawl.


There are also three new Mii customization options that will be up for purchase or a part of the Fighter Pass. These are the Octoling Wig, the Judd cat hat, and the full Doom Slayer armor from the DOOM reboot for the gunner Mii class. These three outfits will release alongside Sora on October 18.

Sora will have four unique outfit variations, although his physicality and hair will not change. These are the four different outfits Sora has worn in his different appearances – his original outfit from the first game, his outfit from Kingdom Hearts II, his outfit from Dream Drop Distance, and his outfit from Kingdom Hearts III. Colors for player 5 an onward are designed to look like his various form changes. These include KH II’s Valor Form, Wisdom Form, KH III’s Ultimate Form, the Timeless River Classic Disney Form.


Sora is one of the lightest fighters in the game, even lighter than Young Link, but he excels at aerial combat. He also has fantastic recovery abilities.

Sora will also feature both his English and Japanese voicelines.

Sora’a moveset looks lit it’s straight from the Kingdom Hearts series. You can check out Sakurai’s full rundown on Sora’s abilities in the Nintendo Direct reveal below!

The Hallow Bastion world is included as the stage with Sora and features many elements from that level in past entries in the Kingdom Hearts Series.

Sora’s Release Date and Price

Sora will release as part of the latest Fighter Pass, or for individual purchase at $5.99 from the eShop.

Players will be bale to Purchase, or download Sora on October 18 along with the three new Mii outfit options.

Wrapping Up

I think this is a great sendoff for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and I’m glad we live in an era where “Sora Joins Smash Bros.” is a legitimate sentence now.

It’s great to see such a highly requested character throughout the years finally make his way into the official roster. And, I’d be lying if I said that 15 year old me wouldn’t absolutely lose their mind over an announcement like this.

That said, I was, personally, hoping that we would be getting Travis Touchdown as the final roster member, but Sora makes much more sense from a marketing standpoiint.

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