Originally debuting in December of 2001 on the sixth generation of consoles, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was D&D’s response to the isometric hack and slash RPG genre and has made its way back the spotlight again.

With D&D Dark Alliance releasing soon, it seems that Wizards of the Coast want to cash in on some nostalgia generated by the hype.

We will be seeing a rerelease of the original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance arriving to consoles and PC’s this Friday, May 7th.

The game will come to Playstation and Xbox family of consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

I absolutely adored this game as a young teenager. I was always a fan of the Forgotten Realms, especially Drizzt and his crew, so this game was huge to me because you could actually play as him for a mission.

Sadly, I am not loving how the newest Dark Alliance game is shaping up, so this will be a great way for me to get my dose of the Forgotten Realms.

Check out the launch trailer for a kick of nostalgia, compliments of GameTrailers.

Wrapping Up

Will you be grabbing this for a nice trip down memory lane? It’s great to see this launched on multiple consoles, but I can’t help but feel that the Nintendo Switch is perfect for this port. Let us know in the comments what console you’ll be playing this on.

For everything else Baldur’s Gate, keep it here.

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