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Today is the day the Dark Portal officially re-opens for all of our classic characters with the launch of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.

The Burning Crusade Classic

The time has come, the portal to Outland has officially opened, and players can now jump right into one of the game’s most beloved expansion packs from back in 2007.

However, mixed feelings surround the highly anticipated launch as the deluxe edition has caused some backlash from the community and series purists alike.

You can take a look at what the deluxe edition comes with here, as well as check out our coverage on the initial leaks on here.

Unnecessary, predatory deluxe editions for a game that we already paid for over a decade ago aside, this looks like a great launch with lots of excitement.

Personally, I originally started playing WoW the week before The Burning Crusade expansion initially launched. So, in terms of nostalgia, this will be a lot of fun to sink some time into.

Blood Elf and Draenei released about two weeks ago now, so most players have had their fun or leveled new alts with the pre-patch.

So, all that’s really left to do is jump into the new, end-game content, hit the new level cap of 70, and begin raiding and doing heroic dungeons.

For those only interested in the new stuff, there is a level boost available that puts players at level 58, right at the point where they can jump through the Dark Portal.

So, if players missed the chance to experience The Burning Crusade expansion back in the day, there is no better time to jump in and get as close to that experience as possible.

It’s also worth noting that the game will remain as faithful to the source material as possible, as end-game content will mirror the patch history that the original expansion released in. That means attunements and such will be altered at the same stages they were in the initial patches. I.E., it’s going to be a bit before you only need one master key to enter Karazhan.

Wrapping Up

I’m excited about this launch, and since I started around the time-frame that this expansion is attempting to replicate, I will have a lot of fun.

Right now, I’m going to try my hand at leveling a Blood Elf Hunter and seeing how the experience plays out.

Hopefully, I will see some of you in Outland.

Are you excited for The Burning Crusade Classic launch? Will you be leveling a new character or sticking to your Classic main? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else World of Warcraft, keep it here.

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