Valheim is a sprawling world with tons to explore, but it can be quite overwhelming for new players. Here are some tips for getting started on your first base in any new world.

Materials You’ll Need to Get Started on Your First Base

The first thing to do is gather wood and stone from sticks and stones on the ground. The first goal will be to craft a club, stone axe, and hammer from the inventory crafting menu.

Getting a starting base doesn’t need too many materials.

You will need a large amount of wood and stone. I would suggest 100-150 wood and 50 stone.

Along the way of gathering your materials, be sure to kill any boars that you find along the way to get a head start on gathering leather scraps and meat.

I would suggest building a smaller house to start. This will let you use your crafting bench, make a bed to set your spawn, and overall get a better feel of the game before you move onto a bigger base.


Using Your Crafting Bench and Bed in Your First Base

The of the biggest tips is that you will need to have a roof over your head to use a crafting bench when getting started on your first base. All crafting stations in Valheim that I’ve discovered so far have that same rule.

Making a bed will be your first step once you get your first base enclosed. It will allow you to set your spawn and eventually sleep through the night.

But first, you will need to have a fire inside your house to sleep through the night. However, you will need to be cautious of keeping a fire inside, as smoke can build up and hurt you.

You will want to leave part of the house open for smoke to escape or even make a fireplace for the smoke to go up.

Once you have your fire set up, you are done with your first base. You can now use your crafting bench to make new items and equipment and upgrade your base with new items to build as you discover new materials.


Wrapping Up

Once you get the hang of the building mechanics, you can put together a great house in no time at all.

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