Fortnite gets another DC heavy hitter with the latest Challenge Cup news; the Deathstroke Zero Bundle is on its way this season as a Cup reward with a bundle on the way.

Deathstroke Zero Bundle Contents

The Deathstroke Zero Bundle includes the Deathstroke skin and his infamous katanas as both a harvesting tool and back bling. For more on the Deathstroke Zero Bundle, check out Epic Games’ post here, and for a video rundown, check out randomChievos’ video.

Additionally, Players will be able to purchase his glider separately; or, in a really interesting crossover, granted access to the glider free, if they purchase the fourth issue of the Batman/Fortnite Crossover Comic. Better than that, players will also gain access to the glider if they are subscribed to DC UNIVERSE INIFINITE.


Deathstroke Zero Cup Date and Bundle Shop Release Date

The Deathstroke Zero Cup officially goes live this Thursday, the 27th. Players will be able to jump into solo matches for a chance to get early access to the skin bundle and spray. Players need to compete in 10 matches within the three-hour window for a shot at the rewards.

For those who don’t qualify for the cup rewards, the character Bundle will be purchasable on June 7th.

Wrapping up

I think this is a great addition to the Fortnite roster, and it’s a great offering for the DC-esque focus of this season. I will not be participating in the Cup, but I will definitely be purchasing this bundle as soon as it hits the stores on June 7th.

Are you looking forward to this bundle, and will you be purchasing it or participating in the Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

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