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Hearth And Home Update

Valheim Hearth and Home Release Date Announced

The first and long awaited Hearth and Home content patch to the hit indie game, Valheim, finally has a release date!
350 mil banner reveal

350 Million Download Celebration, DBZ Dokkan Battle

The 350 Million download celebration is right around the corner for both GBL and JP players, focusing on the Namek saga. With the celebration right around the corner, the entire player base is really excited, myself included. I'm really looking forward to the new LR Dokkanfest banners. Hopefully, everyone going for these new units will get them without too much trouble, but we all know how Dokkan can be.
dsremake header

Dead Space Remake Announced

Dead Space fans have been waiting a long time for news about this tragically abandoned series that was a part of EA's Unicron phase where they ate up every studio they could and produced nothing of value with the talent. Regardless, I'll always be interested in more Dead Space, and it remains to be seen what we can look forward to with this title.

Call of Duty Mauer Der Toten Trailer

Activision has dropped a trailer for the newest Call of Duty zombies mode to join the zombies universe, Mauer Der Toten.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced

While not entirely exciting for everyone, Nintendo finally unveils the next model of the Nintendo Switch family of consoles - the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Nintendo has finally pulled the curtain back and announced the new version of the Nintendo Switch that has long been suspected by fans of the console.

Nitrojerry 4th of July Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite team has surprised everyone for this 4th of July with a brand new Nitrojerry Skin! Check out all the details.

July 1st is Officially Bidoof Day!

Pokemon announced on July 1st that the day shall be known as Bidoof Day! I mean who didn't want Bidoof to have an entire day dedicated to it?

Among Us 15 Player Lobbies Out Now

The time has finally come for Among Us 15 Player Lobbies! This has been talked about for a while and finally the time has come!

Fortnite’s New Armored Batman Zero Skin July 6

The new Armored Batman Zero skin is the newest DC themed skin coming soon to the Fortnite universe and it looks incredible!

Sonic the Hedgehog DLC comes to Minecraft!

Sonic the Hedgehog is joining the Minecraft world! I don't know if anyone saw this coming, but everyone's favorite hedgehogs are here.