So, you farmed your diamonds and obsidian, built your library, and are ready to enchant! Now, if only you knew how to work your table; Don’t worry, we’ve got you with everything you need to know about enchants in Minecraft.

Using the Enchanting Table

As shown in our previous article on the enchanting table, the amount of bookcases with your enchanting table is crucial.

You will need a grand total of 15 bookcases next to your enchanting table to access all three tiers of enchantments.

Using the enchanting table is pretty straightforward. You place the item you want to enchant into the table, and you will see all the available options. These are, of course, a mystery, and as you can imagine, the first tier will give you a lower-level enchantment, whereas the higher tier will give you a better one.

There are two other essential things you will need before you can enchant any items.

Enchants in Minecraft

Experience, Experience, Experience!

The experience requirement for the enchanting table is odd.

On the righthand side of the enchant, you will see a number. That is the levels of experience required to use that enchant, but not the number of levels that will be consumed.

A tier three, level 30 enchant, for example, will consume three levels.

With a fully crafted enchanting table, you will most likely want to work on an experience farm now.

Don’t Forget to Farm Lapiz Lazuli

Cosmetic uses aside, you may not have known what to do with Lapiz Lazuli that you’ve found in caves until now.

Lapiz’s primary use is fuel to put enchants on your items and gear. Depending on what level you use, 1-3 Lapiz will be used every time you enchant alongside the experience.

What Can I Enchant?

Weapons, tools, armor are the main items that you will be focusing on when enchanting.

You can also enchant books. Doing so will put the enchantment on the book allowing you to trade it on your server or save it for later where it can be combined with an item at an anvil.

Want to learn more about enchanting and its recipes? Check out the official Minecraft Wiki page on enchanting.

Wrapping Up

I remember when enchanting was first added to Minecraft. It added a depth to the game that I didn’t even know I was craving.

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