Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 5 end is approaching. We are also now on our 2nd Agent Jones log/cutscene that is meant to give us insight into what the next season’s theme/plot will be.

You can check out the official Epic Game’s article here.

Agent Jones, Are You Ok?

In the past two logs, we’ve seen Agent Jones beginning to lose it. He goes on about how he has given everything to protect the zero point, the order, and reality.

He even goes so far as to say that if they won’t give him what he needs, he will just take it.

Agent Jones has been our main plot point this season when it came to introducing new hunters to the battle. It would seem he will play some part in bringing in season 6 and hopefully, he will do it as some form of werewolf.

In the first Agent Jones log, we see several images that look to be some sort of Werewolf. Who knows what this will wind up being, but perhaps Agent Jones will reveal that he is a hunter himself and is a werewolf? That would certainly make for a great skin.

How Will the Rift in the Map Effect the Next Season?

The rift near the center of this season’s map seems to be acting up more than usual these days as well.

I would say that it’s a safe bet to assume that the rift will play some part in reality’s possible unfolding as this season ends and season 6 begins.

Epic has also confirmed that the season finale will be a playable solo experience that you take part in the first time you log in for season 6. I hope they stick to this as I was incredibly disappointed with season 5 being a live ending. This especially sucked as it was a time that I wasn’t able to get on and play.

Check out the 2nd transmission.

Wrapping Up

We’re just two days away now from the next season. Who knows what the next season will hold, but I am certainly excited to see.

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