The newest Minecraft snapshot has arrived and with this one comes a new mob, Goats! This one has been long teased since the Minecon biome poll, so I am sure that many people are excited to finally have them in the game. Check out the patch notes below.

New Features in 21w13a

  • Added the goat!
  • Added an accessibility option


  • Goats spawn in mountains
  • Goats can scale the sides of mountains with their incredible jumps!
  • Goats can be tempted and bred using wheat
  • Goats are another source of milk!


Added an alternative solid black background color for the Mojang Studios loading screen, toggleable with the “Monochrome Logo” accessibility option

Changes in 21w13a

  • Tweaks to Caves
  • Tweaks to Ore Distribution
  • Tweaks to Powdered Snow
  • Dripstone clusters can now be found rarely in normal caves
  • Deepslate blobs can now be found between heights 0 and 16
  • Axolotls and glow squids now spawn in underground water sources
  • Axolotls will now always chase after and attack squids, glow squids, tropical fish, cod, salmon, pufferfish, drowned, guardians, and elder guardians
  • Axolotls now have a 2 minute cooldown after hunting non-hostile targets such as fish, squids, etc.
  • They will prioritise targeting hostile mobs first before hunting.
  • Bees now see Flowering Azalea (and Flowering Azalea Leaves) as flowers
  • Additions to Wandering Trader and Mason trades
  • Additions to chest loot tables

Cave Tweaks

  • Mineshaft tweak: increased the max length of pillars and chains.
  • Carver tweaks: made carvers less likely to be too flat to walk through.
  • Noise cave tweaks:
    • Increased likelihood of megacaves (large cheese caves)
    • Reduced likelihood of toothpick pillars (tall 1-block thin pillars)
    • Other tweaks to make the cheese caves more varied and interesting.

Ore Distribution Tweaks

  • Slightly more iron
  • Larger diamond blobs sometimes form

Powdered Snow

  • Powder snow’s durability/hardness was slightly increased
  • Freeze time has decreased to 7 seconds and hurt frequency has decreased to 2 seconds
  • Entities on fire now melt powder snow when colliding
  • Increase vertical movement speed within powder snow
  • Strays, polar bears, and snow golems are now immune to freezing
  • Mobs now shake when they are fully frozen
  • Skeletons converting to strays now only require the 7 seconds it takes for an entity to be fully frozen to begin converting, instead of the 30 seconds it took before
  • Leather horse armor now protects horses from freeze damage
  • Mobs that enjoy the heat (Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Striders) take increased freeze damage

Trade & Loot Table Additions

  • Added the following trades to Mason:
    • Will sell 4 Dripstone blocks for 1 emerald
  • Added the following trades to Wandering Trader:
    • Will sell 2 Pointed Dripstones for 1 emerald
    • Will sell 2 Rooted Dirt for 1 emerald
    • Will sell 2 Moss Blocks for 1 emerald
  • Moss blocks can be found in Shipwreck chests
  • Glow Berries can be found in Mineshaft chest minecarts

Technical Changes in 21w13a

  • Added metric cube of light!
  • Unused parts of code are no longer removed

Light block

  • Op-only (/give) air-like waterloggable block
  • Emits light at level determined by block state
  • Visible and targetable only when item is held (similar to barrier)
  • Right click cycles light level

Bugs fixed in 21w13a

  • MC-3366 End portal appears transparent from below
  • MC-70738 Killing guardian with lava does not give cooked fish
  • MC-102269 Polar bears drop raw fish instead of cooked fish when killed with fire or lava
  • MC-108636 There are a number of unused texture files
  • MC-123587 Kicked from the game when reaching y levels over 30,000,000
  • MC-124667 Air can be used in custom recipes, causing a crash
  • MC-136776 Some NBT tags are not kept when fish or axolotl mobs are caught in water buckets
  • MC-167853 Observer doesn’t detect when a grass block changes to dirt if a tree grows on top
  • MC-174701 Leash knot sound effect plays when loading singleplayer world
  • MC-187544 ‘Cover Me With Diamonds’ advancement improperly capitalized
  • MC-190774 Stonecutter saw spins both ways simultaneously
  • MC-194183 Some experience points do not go towards Mending repair, even if the Mending gear is not fully repaired
  • MC-195640 Suspicious stew inedible with full hunger
  • MC-197073 Turtles laying eggs on red sand produce normal sand particles
  • MC-199065 Zombies that die while on fire do not drop baked potatoes
  • MC-199237 Back of ladder is incorrectly mirrored
  • MC-199239 Vines appear incorrectly mirrored when viewed from behind
  • MC-199242 Texture planes of crop models appear incorrectly mirrored from behind
  • MC-201748 Chain model planes are incorrectly mirrored on the rear
  • MC-201751 Chain section on lanterns is incorrectly mirrored from behind
  • MC-201753 Sea pickle green top sections do not render correctly from behind
  • MC-203553 Water bottle doesn’t extinguish candles
  • MC-203605 Lightning rod bottom texture is mapped incorrectly
  • MC-203617 Can’t “Pick Block” cauldrons with liquid or powdered snow inside
  • MC-203838 Aiming a spyglass with a loaded crossbow in offhand creates weird third person effect
  • MC-203847 Waterlogged candles can be lit
  • MC-204133 Candle extinguishing particle appears offset from the candle
  • MC-204430 Cauldrons filled with water, lava or powder snow cannot be used as a workstation for villagers
  • MC-205060 Powder snow does not cause underlying grass, mycelium or podzol to appear snowy
  • MC-205083 Mobs wearing leather boots spin around when walking on powder snow
  • MC-205106 Mobs that get damaged by powder snow can spawn inside powder snow
  • MC-205131 Landing on powder snow while wearing leather boots inflicts fall damage on Java, but not on Bedrock
  • MC-205143 The particles produced when extinguishing a campfire are misplaced
  • MC-205158 Powder snow inside textures are not correctly mirrored
  • MC-205169 Mobs don’t path find across powder snow blocks when not wandering
  • MC-205302 Using /setblock to place a structure block defaults to save mode, unlike placing one by hand
  • MC-205613 Skeletons in powder snow spin when aiming at the player
  • MC-205885 Endermen holding water, lava or powder snow cauldrons don’t drop cauldrons
  • MC-205914 Placing turtle egg/sea pickle onto turtle egg/sea pickle while sneaking doesn’t place it next to it, although placing candle onto candle does
  • MC-205918 Experience orb stacks that were used in the mending process lose their experience amount, even if the stack is still larger than one
  • MC-208075 Copper slabs and stairs are not included in the #minecraft:slabs and #minecraft:stairs tags
  • MC-208588 Axolotls change color when released from bucket / axolotl entity data isn’t stored in the bucket item
  • MC-208594 Axolotls aren’t required for the “Two By Two” advancement
  • MC-208647 Axolotls don’t attack elder guardians
  • MC-208695 Semi-transparent pixels on axolotl textures
  • MC-208703 Axolotls don’t give regeneration or remove mining fatigue
  • MC-208745 Explorer maps & filled maps turn blank after entering the nether or end
  • MC-209371 Can’t cut stacks in half in furnace output
  • MC-212221 Glow item frames are rendered dark when a light source is nearby
  • MC-212305 Back face of glow lichen is not correctly mirrored from behind
  • MC-212736 Some world border faces are rendered mirrored, resulting in incorrect corners
  • MC-213552 Shulker hitbox does not immediately rotate after the shulker visually rotates
  • MC-213769 Rooted dirt is far from other dirt variants in the Creative inventory
  • MC-213771 Rooted dirt is in decorations tab
  • MC-213772 Certain faces of azalea are not culled by other blocks
  • MC-213777 Azalea and flowering azalea z-fight when placed next to blocks
  • MC-213789 Water behaves as if moss blocks were air
  • MC-213815 Grass, ferns, flowers, bushes, saplings and bamboo cannot be placed on top of rooted dirt
  • MC-213837 Can’t pick block big dripleaf stem
  • MC-213841 Signs, banners, paintings & item frames cannot be placed on moss
  • MC-213860 Farmland/dirt path don’t convert to dirt when moss is placed above
  • MC-213877 Cannot turn Rooted Dirt into a Dirt Path
  • MC-213878 Using bone meal on a small dripleaf shows breaking particles
  • MC-213899 Big Dripleaf can be rotated incorrectly by breaking and replacing it
  • MC-213907 Skeletons don’t have a shaking animation while converting to strays
  • MC-213958 Azalea bushes connect to walls and fences
  • MC-214049 Mining rooted dirt is slightly faster than mining other dirt blocks
  • MC-214073 The azalea’s side textures are partially cut off
  • MC-214097 Cake cannot be placed on top of a moss block
  • MC-214135 Converted moss blocks do not update redstone
  • MC-214181 Rooted dirt cannot be picked up by endermen
  • MC-214374 Redstone doesn’t connect vertically on moss blocks
  • MC-214586 Rooted Dirt has no assigned tool
  • MC-214589 End gateway exit portals can be set to high coordinates, kicking the player
  • MC-214639 Rooted dirt is not randomly rotated
  • MC-214693 Tripwire texture is not mirrored correctly from behind
  • MC-214694 Tripwire which is part of a tripwire hook is not mirrored correctly from behind
  • MC-214695 Big dripleaf texture mirrored incorrectly from underneath
  • MC-214696 Small dripleaf texture mirrored incorrectly from underneath
  • MC-214698 Azalea top texture is mirrored incorrectly
  • MC-214818 Waterlogged pointed stalagmites don’t drop when their support block is broken
  • MC-214858 Powered big dripleaf play tilting sounds when blocks are changed nearby
  • MC-214879 Selecting nothing and pressing Ctrl+C clears clipboard
  • MC-214901 Rain passes through moss blocks
  • MC-214965 Maximum building height is 319, but warning message says 320
  • MC-216820 Cobbled Deepslate Slab uses the stone sounds instead of the deepslate sounds
  • MC-217749 Small Dripleaf can’t be placed on Rooted Dirt while waterlogged
  • MC-218888 Shift Clicking items into inventory prevents the relevant advancement from triggering
  • MC-219054 Can type text into anvil text field without putting an item in it, preventing you from closing the UI with E
  • MC-219103 The eyes of some entities can be seen through powder snow/lava
  • MC-219203 Mineshaft support legs can generate in lava
  • MC-219240 Inconsistency: cobbled deepslate does not take longer to mine than deepslate
  • MC-219635 There is no sound when defrosting from fire/lava (vanilla parity)
  • MC-219740 Spyglass overlay broken while in water with fast graphics
  • MC-219850 There is no sound or subtitle for applying/removing/scraping wax or oxidation
  • MC-219868 Opening a UI darkens the background less than it used to
  • MC-219906 Minecraft crashes when spectating an entity submerged in water
  • MC-219920 Amethyst Blocks can no longer be gained by mining them
  • MC-219933 Shulker heads do not flash red when taking damage / when killed
  • MC-219937 Parity issue: Clouds are at y=192
  • MC-219973 Hanging Roots takes about a second to be mined
  • MC-219974 Big Dripleaf takes about a second to be mined
  • MC-220068 Experience orbs are no longer affected by the fog from powder snow/lava
  • MC-220069 Wither/creeper armor is no longer affected by the fog from powder snow/lava
  • MC-220070 Lightning is not affected by the fog from powder snow/lava
  • MC-220157 String is not affected by light levels
  • MC-220174 With graphics set to Fabulous!, blocks such as honey, slime and stained glass appear lit up in third person mode
  • MC-220269 Shader texture coordinate wrapping mode causes screen effects like glowing to wrap where they shouldn’t
  • MC-220339 Beacon beam is not affected by the fog from powder snow/lava
  • MC-221146 Water fog still very subtle making water appear too clear in the distance

Check out wattles’ coverage of the new changes below.

My Thoughts

A new mob, light source, and a dark theme loading screen. What more could you ask for in an update? I’ve always felt that the more content in Minecraft, the better.

So to have a new mob to spice up the mountain biomes is great. The little bit of depth that they have as well with breeding and the option to be a new milk source as well is great.

The little things are always what make a game for me.

Wrapping Up

Will we get another new snapshot next week? I sure hope so! Let us know if you’re excited about the mountains update in the comments.

For more on Minecraft, keep it here.

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